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About Us

Our mission statement

photo credit: Blair Shiers

We take pride in being a community sport organization that provides our members with both sport and life skills.  When we think about what we get out of playing sport, it is often more than just technical skills – it is “teamwork”, “communication”, “winning and losing”, “how to be a good sport”.  These values are life lessons that we learn from the field and translate into our daily lives.  Our mission statement summarizes this:

“To provide opportunities to all members of our community to develop lifelong skills as field hockey players, coaches, and umpires in an atmosphere that fosters enjoyment of sport, sportsmanship, teamwork, and the pursuit of personal excellence”

Our Values

We are committed to providing a fun, friendly and family environment for the local field hockey community.  We believe that all programming should be inclusive and allow athletes to fulfill their own potential while enjoying doing so.  This can be summed up in these 4 principles that underlie our programs: 

Long-Term Athlete Development –  we will ensure that the activities that our players engage in are appropriate for their age and stage of development

Player focusedwe will provide programming that recognizes that physical, mental, cognitive and emotional development varies according to a player’s age and stage of development

Promotes key values - we will ensure that our club is inclusive, welcoming, fun, fair and safe, placing priority on long-term success

Encourages lifelong activity and wellness whether our players want to continue with field hockey, try another of our programs, or take a break and come back at a later time, we will provide opportunities for them to stay active at any age

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